Oceanographic Satellite Imagery

Fish-finding maps give commercial pelagic fishing operations the most up to date tools they need for more efficient purse seining and long-lining— cutting search time and saving fuel.

SeaStar Fisheries PDF Download

Sea Star Satellite Imagery

Revealing insights to optimize your commercial fishing operations.

Save time and fuel when operating your fishing vessel. The SeaStar Fisheries Information Service combines oceanographic and meteorological datasets, asset tracking data, and information that is required by fishermen to monitor and analyze ocean conditions, vessels, and fishing gear.

Sea View by Ocean Imaging

Timely insights for high tech commercial fishing vessels.

  • 24/ 7 Internet Access to: High Resolution SST, SST Composite, Chlorophyll And Plankton, SSH, Current, Subsurface Temperature, Mixed Layer Depth, Weather Data

  • To find fish from space we utilize only the most sophisticated and high-resolution satellite data processed minutes after acquisition. Our powerful SeaView© software then lets you combine the very latest oceanographic data such as SST, plankton levels, ocean currents, sea surface height, ocean currents and weather information with your fishing expertise to make better decisions while at sea.
  • Sea View also offers high-quality data composite and cloud-free imagery to virtually eliminate the problem of cloud cover – that means you are never without the latest information.

The most accurate oceanographic and weather data products service, updated up to 4-8 times per day – all for a very affordable price.

Sea View PDF Download

Satlink Fleet One Marine Communications

Hardware and subscription based satellite phone/data service by Satlink

Satlink FleetOne Download

Cutting edge satellite communication system for small and medium-sized fishing and recreational boats

  • The Fleet One is designed specially so it can meet the demand of small data packets on ships that operate outside VHF and GSM areas.
  • Small and medium-size fishing boats or in fact recreation boats too can now benefit from satellite voice and data services at flexible and affordable prices.

  • Able to download the latest weather forecasts, update navigation charts, check emails and make phone calls all through the Satlink Fleet One service.